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Bespoke art to fill your home to your specific needs.

An original piece  full of colour for you and your home only.

Thank you for your interest in an original TEG commission. I am now accepting a number of commissions for 2021. I hope that my art work and your vision for your home  will bring out the colour within you! We can work together to ensure that the right size, colour and style will fit your space and compliment any decor in your home. If this suits you, don't be shy...get in touch!

Many of my commissions have quickly become my favorite pieces. Working with clients specifications means that each piece is an original and therefore I am treading new waters and creating unique stories each time.

Interested? Then read below to secure your original TEG commission...

To commission a painting, just follow the instructions below...

 - Size. First step would be to consult on size of canvas. Measure the space where the piece is to be hung and I can help recommend a size, of which you can visualize on your wall.  

- Colour. Perhaps you have a specific colour in your room, such as piece of furniture, lamp or rug that you want to match with the painting? Or, if you are yet to decorate the room, let me know 3-4 colours that you would like to work with. Remember, with a TEG piece, you will always get a bit of  golden sparkle!

- Feeling. Depending on where the piece is for, you may want it to bring different textures and feelings to the room. For example, you may want the commission to pop out and be a statement piece. Or, alternatively, you may want it for your bedroom, and would like your commission to influence your room as a calm place and would like this to be reflected in the painting.

What to do next...

Get in contact.

Email me or contact me through my contact page to notify me of your interest. Include all specifics noted above. Please also remember to include your email and phone number.

I will then contact you with a quote via email or if preferable, call you to talk through final details.


If you are happy to proceed, I will invoice you for the deposit £200  to get started. Full payment is required before delivery. 

Email me 

Contact page

I look forward to hearing from you, don't hesitate...Be bold and take a chance.

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