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 WHAT IS TEG creations?

TEG Creations is about vibrancy and colour, bringing out textures across the Canvas. The bright colours bring out the numerous layers and to life.


Its 'feel good' art,

and our only goal is to bring happiness with it.

From bespoke canvases to prints and lifestyle products, TEG Creations has mountains of colour to fulfill your home and every day life full of vibrant tones!



Who is TEG?

A wife and mum of 3 incredible boys, TEG (Tanya Glass) had come to a stage in her life for a new journey.


In January 2020, TEG  decided to embark upon  a challenge to mark her 40th birthday,  to paint #40before40 . This reignited her artistic passion and began to post her journey through instagram.


With this, TEG began to receive demand for commissions and TEG Creations was born. 


TEG's main inspiration for her designs is really about how it can make you feel. She is  passionate about sharing the vibrant tones with others and dreams of everyone owning a TEG piece or product, and most importantly to

'Live life in colour'.

A3 live print.jpg


TEG originated from bold, vibrant, one off canvases. Each piece is bespoke to your needs in size, colour and style. 


Go to the commissions page for more information on what to do next.  

Alternatively, email us direct on to discuss your ideal TEG art canvas.



Our prints are all snippets of TEG's pieces. They emphasize the detail of colour combinations and highlight the depth of fusion that the acrylic paint produces when combined.


Our prints are printed on the best quality paper, and printed locally  in the UK.

Framed or unframed, they can light up any small space.

Many options and sizes are  available.

coming soon


TEG Creations uses their prints on everyday luxury home and lifestyle products.

From the finest fabrics to the best quality products sourced, these luxurious products could brighten up any home and your every day life. 



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