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We live for the reveal of a bespoke piece.

 Below are a select few commissions to  show how a personalised piece can make a house a home.

Get in touch for your TEG commission.

'I loved Tanya's style the moment I first saw it and knew I was going to commission her to do something for me. It was bright, fun and full of energy. I set Tanya a task that involved an outline silhouette of each of my kids in action;running, dancing and football. 

They are spectacular.

The three pieces have completely changed the room. My wife and kids reaction at the unveiling was brilliant. Each one of them has smiles from ear to ear and buzzed with excitement. What more could I ask for?'

 'Harry', 'Olivia' & 'Jessica'
(From L-R)
60 x 80

'We needed a piece to brighten up the room and when I saw Tanya's art, I knew it had to be that. I absolutely love her art style.

 So colouful!

We've had so many compliments on the piece and couldn't be happier!'

'Colourburst on black',
60 x80
(40before40 Collection)

Tanya's painting is hung in our living room where everyone can see it as soon as they walk into the house. It brings us so much joy and every time I look at it, I see something new. Tanya was extremely warm, professional and fun to deal with. She had a lot of creative ideas of how the painting would look and worked closely with what wanted too. So, so happy with our TEG art.

It has helped make our house a home.'

'Green Firelights',
100 x 150

After having a big, plain, white wall for 5 years, Tanya was recommended to us and  I am  so pleased that she was.  Working with Tanya was a pleasure, we didn't really know what we wanted, but we talked and pretty much left her to it.

The finished piece makes such a huge difference to our room, I love looking at it. It has so many layers that every time i look, i see something different.

I would highly recommend Tanya if you want to

.colour and vibrancy in your home

'Firelights', 100 x 150

Visit the Commission page  or email TEG directly for more information.

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