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Bringing happiness to others.

To spread positive vibes.

To be prepared to go for it!

To embrace the fun in life.

To only accept the best quality for our clients.

Maddie 2.jpg

Our Story about 'Maddie'

60 x 80cm, acrylic on canvas

This piece was the result of wanting it all. The brief was a combination of colours pallets and style that they had seen from previous posts from Instagram, and to make it a celebration on the canvas. It was to be a gift from husband to wife on the occasion of their 40th birthday. What struck me most, is how it grew to this point. The original brief was for something much smaller and we soon realised that her love for abstract art  deserved something special, made just for her.


Our story about 'Faith'

50 x 120 cm, Acrylic on canvas

When a client wants to come to you and for you to encompass all that is meaningful in their life on canvas, it becomes personal to you. Family, religion and country all played a very important role in this families life and wanted this reflected into the painting. I took elements from smaller paintings such as the heart and emphasised these with other symbols on the canvas surrounded by the colours that related to all the aspects that were to be reflected onto the canvas. The outcome was something special and unique to their family and was the perfect way to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

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